Alliant Data Systems

The CampusKey Bookstore module goes beyond the point of sale and inventory tracking that you expect to provide seamless integration with the student registration, financial aid, and accounting systems.The benefits of this integration are recognized throughout the system and throughout your campus.


  • Real-time financial aid information is available to the bookstore user, thus allowing students to apply purchases directly to their aid.
  • A complete history of purchases applied to financial aid is maintained, and the user is notified if a “repeat” purchase is attempted using an aid that disallows such.
  • Bookstore requirements are made available to the student via the Internet in accordance with his schedule.
  • The Online bookstore Purchase module allows students to pre-order their books to be boxed and picked up at a specified time, thus reducing bookstore lines.
  • The bookstore module is also tightly integrated with the Budget Center module to allow departmental purchases to be charged directly against the departmental budgets and optimally disallow purchases when no budge is available.
  • Inventory control programs help track the receipt and return of books, thus helping you reduce your dead inventory.
  • The Bookstore module works with any PC, thus eliminating the expense of POS equipment.


“Alliant listens closely to their customers and works with them as partners to create solutions to each department’s needs. . . They are dedicated to providing a premium product to students, faculty, and staff.”
--Tangela Purifoy
Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management