Student Records
    Academic History and Student Records

The CampusKey Student History, Registration, Degree Plan, and Grade Processing modules work together to provide total automation of student record keeping.  All parties involved in the student’s academic life have access to current, accurate information needed to make sound decisions.


The seamless integration of multiple modules is evident in the services provided to the students as well as the registrar and advisors. 


  • Pre-requisite checking includes transfer work and special credit recorded on the student’s transcript.
  • Transcripts received prior to an application for admission can be evaluated and will generate a prospective student record.
  • Transcript changes are immediately reflected in degree plans.
  • Repeated courses are identified at registration and calculated appropriately into the GPA during grade processing.
  • Transcript requests can be made via the Internet, and students can view the status of their requests at any time.
  • Printed transcripts are customizable to include/exclude information based on your institution’s policies.
  • SPEEDE transcript exchange is built in.
  • Faculty grade entry via the Internet significantly reduces grade processing time.
  • Pre-requisite checking occurs again at grade processing to identify students who have already registered for an upcoming course, but did not meet pre-requisite requirements in the current term. 
  • Web-based grade delivery is available as soon as grades are recorded.
  • Comprehensive faculty and grade reporting is built in.

“The student history module is cohesive and provides a user-friendly system to manage attendance verification, grade entry, transcript maintenance, printing and security.”

--Kyna Bowman MIS Coordinator/Assistant Registrar