Alliant Data Systems
    Human Resources

The fully integrated Applicant Tracking, Personnel and Contracts, Employee Leave, Employee Travel, Management Tier and Payroll processing modules work together to provide a comprehensive system that allows you to track and report accurate human resource information. 

 Applicant tracking helps you standardize your hiring practices and automate your position announcements.
  • Pre-define qualifications for use in position announcements.
  • Maintain an applicant pool and systematically determine the positions for which they are qualified.
  • Maintain a database of potential interview committee members.
  • Manage position announcements and advertisements.
  • Automatically generate a personnel record when applicants are hired.

Personnel and payroll contract management eases the burden of maintaining positions and salaries for your employees.

  • Automate the creation of full-time employee contracts using salary schedules.
  • Automate the creation of adjunct and overload contracts through interface with faculty teaching data.
  • Make mass changes to contracts including salary increases.
  • Mass produce printed contracts through mail merge.
  • Build budget projections and report personnel costs.
  • Automate the creation of payroll records from contract data.
  • Generate IPEDS Human Resource reports with the push of a button.

Employee Leave Management simplifies the posting of leave earned and taken.

  • Supports multiple types of leave including annual, sick, personal, emergency, etc.
  • Define multiple leave categories and rates.
  • Leave balances are available to employees online along with a complete history of all leave activity.
  • Payroll processing completes the human resources system with simple yet powerful applications.
  • Generate pay records from an unlimited number of pay sources.
  • Create an unlimited number of employee deductions.
  • Offer direct deposit with multiple destinations.
  • Automatically generate invoices for tax payments, benefit providers, etc.
  • Simplified federal, state, and local government reporting is provided in printed and electronic format (where applicable).

 “The Alliant staff is always available with technical support and rapidly modifies the software package to adapt to changes in state and federal guidelines.”