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    Distributed Purchasing

The CampusKey purchasing system is a comprehensive, flexible system that automates your purchasing process, reduces the time and paper required to complete the approval cycle, and maintains all of the necessary audit and control mechanisms. 


Purchase requests are initiated within user-defined budget centers.

  • Designate which users are allowed to make purchases.
  • Identify the accounts that are available for requisition entry.
  • Determine whether purchase requests should be restricted by the available budget.
  • Define an unlimited number of approvals specific to each budget center and whether additional approval is required for purchases exceeding a given dollar amount.

A Web-based user interface for requisition entry and approval allows users to function in a real-time environment even when they are not on campus. 

  • Electronic mail notification is automatically sent to approvers to notify them when they have new requisitions to review.
  • Authors are notified as their requisitions move up the approval chain.
  • Requisitions automatically become purchase orders upon receipt of the final approval.

Additional budget center interface is available for departmental purchases in the campus bookstore.

  • Authorize users to make bookstore purchases against their departmental budget.
  • Identify the types of items that can be purchased in the bookstore.
  • Specify whether departmental purchases are made at cost or at the selling price.
  • Specify whether departmental purchases are subject to sales tax.

“The Alliant team understands the business of serving students and provides software and support that reflect this understanding.”

--Darren Allen
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Records

President, 2006-2007 (ALACRAO) Alabama Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers