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    Financial Aid and Accounts Receivable

The CampusKey Financial Aid module was uniquely designed to perform as a real-time system driven by registration activity. Its seamless integration with the Accounts Receivable module makes billing almost effortless.


The Financial Aid module is completely configurable, and yet it remains totally integrated with all of the appropriate modules throughout the Alliant system. 

  • Build as many different financial aid awards and types of awards as you need, and define how each behave individually.
  • Awards are adjusted automatically by the registration and drop/add activities so they remain synchronized with the student’s load.
  • Interface with the Student Payable module greatly simplifies the refund process.
  • Bookstore interface makes monies available for valid bookstore purchases.
  • Interface with the Student Receivables module allows for line item application of monies toward student charges.
  • Interface with the Degree Plan module notifies students and financial aid staff when courses being taken are not for degree credit and may optionally be excluded from the financial aid load.
  • FISAP and IPEDS reporting are built in.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress evaluations are built in.
  • Return to Title IV calculations are built in.
  • Interface with EdExpress is built in.
  • Real-time access to financial aid information is available to students via the Internet.
  • Accounts receivable interface generates AR invoices which can be printed at any time—with or without line item detail.
  • AR interface keeps general ledger transactions up to date as financial aid activity occurs.

“Alliant Data Systems offers a complete financial aid module that aids in the Title IV delivery process as well as the administration of other scholarship and financial aid programs from outside agencies.”
--Vanessa Kyles
Financial Aid Director